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We are super energetic, incredibly creative, remarkably bright people who love making our clients stand out from the pack. We are a team of strategic thinkers and we are never satisfied with work that is “good enough.” We love pushing forward, getting more, and improving experiences. We are Lynup and we are confident that you’ll Lynup Creative Social working with us.

Everything is Social. Social is Everything.

Social media success takes more than just posting LOL Cats to your Facebook page. Maximizing social media results requires a marketing plan that includes SEO, email, website design, blogging, graphics, fonts, and more. When we say "Everything is Social," we literally mean that each aspect of your online presence matters to your social business identity. What’s “Social is Everything" you ask? We mean that more people are connecting to the digital landscape than ever before and being a social business is a vital part of your success.

According to Pew research, over 74% of adults use social media networks. Lynup will help your business use social media and digital marketing to create stronger, more meaningful relationships with your audience of fans, friends and customers.

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  • Creative Services

    Interesting solutions to unusual problems.

    How can a green elephant drive a VW bug? We’ll figure out a way to make it work. We solve marketing challenges, large and small by looking at them from a different angle. We then apply our creative perspective to create unique campaigns. Our creative team is chock-full of the most talented graphic artists, copywriters, and strategists we’ve ever met.

  • Social Media

    We’ll talk your ear off!

    We Facebook, we Tweet, we Link, we Pin, we YouTube, we Yelp…basically we turn any social network into a verb. Social media users expect a lot from businesses, so we pore over the smallest details to ensure that your business not only looks and acts the part of a social brand, but truly becomes a social brand.

  • Search Engine Optimization

    Marketing optimized for all engines...including the people kind!

    Your customers are smart and so is Google. You may very well be the best pizzeria within 1000 miles of New York City, but saying that on your website isn’t enough. Your customers and especially Google like to verify everything that you say. That means things like social comments, reviews, articles, blogs, and a general positive buzz are required if you want to see your website at the top of the search results for the terms that matter. Lynup knows how to put the pieces of the social SEO puzzle together.

  • Digital Marketing

    Expand your reach and hyper-target

    Comprehensive. Strategic. Integrated. These are things you should find in a state of nirvana or aspects of our clients’ campaigns…or both. Digital marketing includes email, mobile apps, online advertising, and contests; just about any type of internet communication that is meant to convert a viewer into a customer. Lynup’s marketing savants can artfully integrate digital marketing into even the most traditional direct marketing campaigns. We increase response rates and get ROI to your bottom line!

Meet the Lynup Team

Meet the talented people you’ll love working with at Lynup. We bring a unique mix of expertise and specialties, like teaching cats to clean out the fridge, building forts out of office supplies, and the superhuman ability to get our work done when the San Diego sun is calling us outside. Drop us a line and let’s rap (uh, we won’t really rap…unless you can beatbox).

Lynup Dream Team Drew Brickweg
Lynup Dream Team Mike Matamala
Lynup Dream Team Natasha Salehi
Lynup Dream Team Drew Brickweg

Drew Brickweg

Client Services

Advocates for our clients’ needs and pancake syrup days at the office.

Lynup Dream Team Mike Matamala

Mike Matamala

Creative Mastermind

Eats UX manuals for breakfast. Washes them down with Pantone color chips.

Lynup Dream Team Natasha Salehi

Natasha Salehi

Marketing Analyst

Has camera lenses for eyes. The best humble-bragger you’ll ever meet.

Lynup Dream Team Karen Martinez
Lynup Dream Team Pumpkin the Mascot
Lynup Dream Team Alex Gallegos
Lynup Dream Team Karen Martinez

Karen Martinez

Graphics Master

Wakes up early on the weekends to kern. Nearly convinced us to install an espresso machine at her desk.

Lynup Dream Team Pumpkin the Mascot



Moves our chairs around when we leave the office. We’d believe in ghosts if not for the trail of hairballs.

Lynup Dream Team Alex Gallegos

Alex Gallegos

Marketing Coordinator

Believes in engaging prospects, sky-rocketing conversion rates, and cookies for breakfast.

Our Solutions

Take a look at our services and then give us a holler, so we can take your marketing to the next level.

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